Monitoring your Infrastructure

Keep track of your metrics on your running services. Integrate your notifications, with Sensu, Slack, your Emails and SMS


Control and correct monitoring of managed services is fundamental in the infrastructure architecture, we have different turnkey solutions so that you can have a strict monitoring of your applications, performance and monitoring with alarms for each case that requires it.

We also deliver monitoring solutions with the depth that is required, an example of this can be to measure the performance of as many variables as possible in MySQL, APACHE, Operating System, Redis, Cassandra, Riak, Memory and all variables that can be monitored, etc.

Remote Monitoring

We have remote monitoring services that can be included in our Remote DBA service as well as in cloud monitoring services.

We integrate the advanced solutions for the automation of the monitoring and alarms with technologies like SENSU, GRAPHITE, PAGER DUTY, PINGDOM, GRAFANA, ZABBIX and giving support on the same.

This service is provided in combination with our proactive Remote DBA service or simply as SAAS depending on your needs, if you need a demonstration and presentation contact us to coordinate this activity and teach you the potential of our monitoring platforms.

The smartest way to automate your infrastructure

Start thinking your infrastructure as code, deploy, reuse, test, mantain in a simple way


Architect a complete solution for your infrastructure as code

Deploy & Automate

Install, upgrade your infrastructure with containers and automation tools.


Monitor your infrastructure with Grafana, PMM and Sensu