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The company

We are a company specialized in consulting Open Source Databases. Our mission is to solve problems in the field of databases. We offer training, support and remote administration services for databases and infrastructure, maximizing the efficiency in our customers' technological processes, their scalability and architecture, with a high availability to improve the management of the same, with solutions that are both As economically viable. Our goal is to be the main strategic ally for our clients, within the scope of databases and infrastructure for IT operations, providing consultancy, support and training solutions in Latin America. Our goal is to ensure the stability, Consistency and performance of their databases with the appropriate infrastructure. Constantly working with your infrastructure and development team to accomplish these tasks. Binlogic has the trajectory and the recognition in the market that guarantee the concretion of these objectives, as well as Partners and strategic partners that offer a level of excellence in the quality of the service.

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A little history

Founded in 2007 by Santiago Lertora certified in MySQL, with more than 15 years of experience and since 2003 representing MySQL AB for the region. During this period, I also completed the official courses of MySQL AB continuing the courses after the acquisition of MySQL by Sun Microsystems for the Spanish speaking countries.


We can also automate the service infrastructure with Vagrant or Ansible or install monitoring tools. In some cases our solutions depend on different areas of a company such as: IT Infrastructure Our vision of a company's IT platform includes everything from software to data layer, without being able to leave aside infrastructure such as Connectivity and the necessary hardware, to be able to correctly dimension the projects and put them in production; Whether in in house schemas, dedicated platforms, cloud or hybrid solutions. Our team brings together all the expertise to be able to address and meet these expectations and needs on the part of our clients. Process Automation Start Up Migrations Networking Cloud / Amazon Services AWS / Open Stack OS Perfomance Software

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