Gender Equality Program (GEP) Plan


The Gender Equality Program (GEP) is a comprehensive strategic initiative designed to promote gender equality within organizations. The program aims to address various aspects of gender inequality, ensuring that all members of the organization have equal opportunities and are treated with fairness and respect. The GEP serves as a formal commitment from the organization's leadership to foster an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Key Components of the GEP

Public GEP

Description: The GEP is a formal document published on the organization's website and signed by the leadership.


  • Publish the GEP on the organization's official website.
  • Obtain formal approval and signature from the organization's leadership.

Target: Entire organization and external stakeholders.

Specialized Resources

Description: Allocation of resources and gender experts to implement the GEP.


  • Appoint gender equality experts.
  • Allocate budget and resources for gender equality initiatives.

Target: Human Resources and all departments.

Data Collection and Monitoring

Description: Collection of sex/gender-disaggregated data on staff and students, along with annual reports based on specific indicators.


  • Collect and analyze data disaggregated by sex/gender.
  • Prepare annual reports and monitor progress.

Target: Human Resources, data analysis teams.


Description: Sensitization/training activities on gender equality and unconscious gender biases for employees and decision-makers.


  • Conduct regular training sessions on gender equality.
  • Address unconscious gender biases in decision-making.

Target: All employees, particularly those in leadership positions.

Recommended Thematic Areas

Work-Life Balance and Organizational Culture

Description: Measures to balance family and professional life and foster an inclusive organizational culture.


  • Implement flexible working hours.
  • Promote work-from-home policies.

Target: All employees.

Gender Balance in Leadership and Decision-Making

Description: Efforts to ensure gender balance in leadership positions and decision-making roles.


  • Set targets for gender representation in leadership roles.
  • Develop mentorship programs for women.

Target: Leadership and management teams.

Gender Equality in Recruitment and Career Progression

Description: Policies to promote gender equality in recruitment processes and career advancement.


  • Ensure gender-neutral job descriptions.
  • Implement equal opportunity policies in promotions.

Target: Human Resources, recruitment teams.

Gender Perspective in Research and/or Training Content

Description: Integration of a gender perspective in research and training content.


  • Include gender analysis in research projects.
  • Incorporate gender equality topics in training materials.

Target: Research and training departments.

Measures Against Gender-Based Violence, Including Sexual Harassment

Description: Implementation of measures to combat gender-based violence and sexual harassment.


  • Establish clear policies and procedures for reporting harassment.
  • Provide support services for victims.

Target: Entire organization.

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