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We are a company who specialise in the servicing of Open Source Databases. Our mission is to resolve problems in the world of databases. We provide remote support, training and database management. We streamline and increase efficiency of our clients’ technical processes by looking at their scalability and architecture.

We have a highly skilled senior team qualified in mysql , linux infrastructure on the cloud and Big Data ready and available to improve database performance and management and provide cost effective technical solutions. Our objective is to be a strategic ally for our clients, not only within the field of databases, but also by providing infrastructure for IT operations in general. We provide consultancy services, support and training in Latin America.

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Soporte para MariaDB y MySQL

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Soporte para Kafka

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We provide professional boutique services Our consulting and support services are thought based on your needs.

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MySQL Health Checks

Understand the health and security of your database servers.

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mariadb cluster

MySQL & MariaDB Support

24-hour support from MySQL and MariaDB learn more about these services

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mysql support


Manage your infrastructure as code so you can optimize, standardize, maintain, reuse, extend and achieve fast and reliable results to build your desirable platform

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MySQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Infrastructure Automation

MySQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Infrastructure Automation "Trust in a remote DBA'S team that increases the efficiency of your equipment and your database platform With an availability in 24x7 attention"

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Remote DevOps


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