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We are a company who specialise in the servicing of Open Source Databases. Our mission is to resolve problems in the world of databases. We provide remote support, training and database management. We streamline and increase efficiency of our clients’ technical processes by looking at their scalability and architecture.
We have a highly skilled senior team qualified in mysql , linux infrastructure on the cloud and Big Data ready and available to improve database performance and management and provide cost effective technical solutions. Our objective is to be a strategic ally for our clients, not only within the field of databases, but also by providing infrastructure for IT operations in general. We provide consultancy services, support and training in Latin America.

We provide professional boutique services Our consulting and support services are thought based on your needs.

Software Development

"Crafting cutting-edge mobile software, dynamic apps, and versatile webapps. Turn your vision into efficient digital solutions. Your idea, our expertise. Connect, impress, grow."
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Digital Transformation

"Empower your business with AI, blockchain. Secure innovation, transparent transactions, and agile adaptation. The future is now; join the technological revolution."
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"Streamline your workflow with DevOps. Continuous integration, agile delivery, and efficient automation. Unite development and operations for swift, reliable outcomes. Innovate without disruption."
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MySQL, MariaDB, ScyllaDB,MongoDB

"Rely on our remote DBA team, experts in MySQL, MariaDB, ScyllaDB, and MongoDB. We boost your system's efficiency and database platforms, ensuring expert 24/7 support and service."
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In Hispanic Markets

"Empowering Your Digital Transformation: Comprehensive IT Solutions by Binlogic"

In an era where data not only drives business but propels it into the future, Binlogic stands at the forefront as a vanguard of your digital assets. From our historic expertise in ensuring the utmost security, scalability, and high availability of databases like MySQL and MariaDB, we've transcended traditional boundaries to offer an expansive spectrum of IT solutions. Binlogic is your one-stop hub for state-of-the-art services, encompassing real-time data streaming and transformation, ensuring that your information flows seamlessly and securely across platforms. We fortify your cyber defenses with top-tier cybersecurity measures, protecting your enterprise against the ever-evolving threats of the digital age. But our vision doesn't stop there. Our agile development team breathes life into your projects, crafting cutting-edge mobile applications and bespoke software solutions that resonate with your users. We navigate the complexities of cloud environments to optimize costs, streamline operations, and elevate efficiency, so you can focus on innovation and growth. With Binlogic by your side, you're equipped not just with a service provider, but with a potent ally and business advisor. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to measurable results, and constant innovation make us the perfect partner in your digital transformation journey. As your trusted advisor, we're dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of technology to not only meet your immediate needs but to anticipate and shape your future.

Partner with Binlogic, where we don't just manage technology—we master it to empower your business.
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Support for MariaDB and MySQL

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Kafka support

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